Summer house is a Villa located among the peaks of Sri Lanka’s central highlands. This sleepy villa is nestled in a valley peering straight through the Hatton to the plain nearly 8km below and across to the coastline. Apart from the mesmerizing natural views, Summer house is surrounded by hilly countryside perfect for walks, through tea plantations, waterfalls, ancient temples and artifacts. With a handful of shops, hotels and guesthouses, Summer house still remains a remote hamlet. This hidden sanctuary with the perfect climate is probably one of the best-kept secrets of the country and is easily accessible from the comfort of our Summer house in Sri Lanka.

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    Featuring among Summer house is easy to locate right across the Dikc oya ,Hatton. The resort is easily reached from any location .

  • Summer-house


    The climate at summer house remains a comfortable 15-22 degrees Celsius throughout the year, thereby giving the weather in Hatton ‘not too cold, not too hot’ comfort factor.

  • Summer-house


    Summer house has plenty to offer that could keep you fascinated and occupied during a few nights’ stay. Apart from the mesmerizing views of mountains and tea estates, the region provides shelter to many precious flora and fauna.